National Science Day-2020 celebration at NCMR, NCCS Pune

-By Kranti Karande

On 24 February 2020, an event was organized at NCMR, NCCS Pune for celebrating National Science Day, which is celebrated every year all over India on 28 February to commemorate the discovery of Raman effect by Sir C.V. Raman on the same day in 1928.

24 February 2020, 9:30 am: A group of approximately 120 students from class 7th and 8th of four different schools (DSK, VIBGYOR, Vidya Valley, and Ryan International School) were sitting in the Raman Hall of National Centre for Microbial Resource. They were waiting for someone. All noise stopped as that person entered into the hall. Instead of giving a formal lecture, Dr. Yogesh Shouche (Head of NCMR) preferred chitchatting with the students. He started with a question, “Which virus is in news these days?” He introduced the students with different types of microbes, importance of microbiology research and beneficial and harmful microbes. He solved all the queries of students. Students were very enthusiastic and happy to interact with Dr. Shouche.

After interactive session with Dr. Shouche, students visited the microbiology exhibition in group of 10 individuals. The Bioluminiscent bacterial display was arranged in a dark room, this was the main attraction for students.

The displays were arranged for Cyanobacteria, Anoxic Photosynthetic bacteria, Fungus, Archaea, and Antimicrobial (AMR) Assay.

This one day event at NCMR ventured students into the world of microbiology and they were awe stuck to learn about all the displays. “We loved this exhibition, it was awesome”, said one of the students. NCMR was delighted to host this event and we are looking forward to organize more such events for popularizing science.

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